Eristoff Vodka – From the land of the Wolf to South Africa

ERISTOFF Vodka, really is what we’ve been waiting for here in South Africa. It’s a no frills, no fuss Premium Vodka that promises an untamed night whenever it’s thrown into the party ring.

The brand that launched in South Africa last week was originally created by Prince Eristoff in 1806 in Georgia. It’s made from 100% pure grain, is triple distilled and charcoal filtered to create a clean, smooth taste that can be enjoyed neat, like a BOSS over ice or mixed. The secret ERISTOFF family recipe from Georgia, The Land of The Wolf remains a guarded secret to this day.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Eristoff and just because I’m G like that, I actually prefer it chilled over ice but it also goes pretty nicely with the usual mixers. Eristoff also comes in two other flavours- ERISTOFF Black (Wild Berry), perfect as with lemonade and ERISTOFF Red (Sloe Berry) which tastes pretty rad with energy drinks. I also hear that they’re going to be quite heavily involved in our expertise- wild electronic music fuelled untamed nights. A match made in heaven me thinks.

ERISTOFF Vodka is now available nationwide at selected retailers for the RRP of R129.00 per bottle or in an ‘untamed’ nightlife venue near you. Give it a try.

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