Eric Cantona Has Offered To Be The Next England Manager

The King - Eric Cantona Has Offered To Be The Next England Manager & We Think It's A Bloody Great Idea

The King Eric Cantona

After England had one of the least memorable journeys in recent history at the Euros, people have been asking all sorts of questions. Questions like: Should the next England football manager even be English? Thankfully for all of us footy loving folk, The King, Eric Cantona has decided to way in on the situation – assuring us that the future of British football would be taken one step further through his leadership.

Yup that’s right, Eric Cantona wants to be the next England manager. What do you think? Does he have a shout at bringing greatness back to a stuttering football nation?

Look, I’m the biggest United (and Eric Cantona) fan so I’m backing him 100% even though he’s not really qualified as a manager. If anyone can make a difference it’s going to be King Eric!

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