As we move into the winter months, EQUINOX is gearing up for the launch of their soon-to-be famous – EQUINOX Wednesdays at FICTION.

Being a firm favourite in the outdoor electronic music festival scene in Cape Town, EQUINOX has showcased some of the best local and International Progressive Trance and Techno acts. It is now time to bring EQUINOX to the city, with the same quality of event that you have come to love.

Our resident artists include 4 of Cape Town’s freshest acts:





THIS WEEK’S LINE-UP (4th of April 2012)
21:00-22:30 – Fogshow
22:30-00:00 – Afterlife (with an exclusive VJ set)
00:00-01:30 – Gokon Rave
01:30-03:00 – HEADROOM (Nano Records)
03:00-04:00 – STEREOTYPE

LIVE Visuals by Afterlife!

The first 50 people through the door will receive an EQUINOX Experience – Life Festival Album, featuring full length tracks from Ritmo, Ritree, Progenitor & Infinity.

R40 gets you in !!
Respectably R.O.A.R
NO under 21’s – ID required.


‘Artelligent’ hit the trance network in 2008, belting out of massive sound systems across the world. Its reception has secured Headroom’s position in forward-thinking trance with both fans and peers alike.

Headroom’s unique sound has captivated festivals and parties worldwide.
Live/DJ sets in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, France, Greece, Belgium, Australia, Hungary, Germany, England, America, Russia, Holland and South Africa prove his style knows no borders! 2011 proved to be a very successful year with a fully booked 3 month tour through all of Europe followed by various trips around the globe. 2012 heralds yet another promising year with some of the biggest festivals already confirmed, namely Boom Festival & Ozora.

Headroom likes to break the realm of the expected. He strives for the best quality production in high tech trance, keeping it psychedelic but twisted. He has been
‘eyes wide shut – ears wide open’ in his studio, working on a new tale to add to his offbeat sound story with a positively new chapter coming your way soon. Headroom embraces the rush of a full floor of full on fans, in full emotion.


Craig Shackleton and Wayne Ellis Lee are Afterlife with over 22 years experience in the Music, Visual & Entertainment industry.

They have dedicated themselves to pushing the limits of Audio Visual technologies and through evolving their art-form have developed the skill sets necessary for Video Mapping, Sound Design, Music Composition, Live DJ/VJ performance, Video Editing & 3D animation.

Afterlife have performed in several countries across the globe from Dubai to Nigeria, Angola, Kenya & across all the major cities in South Africa.

Craig’s knowledge extends further into brand development & awareness. As an artist he has performed both locally and abroad and was solely responsible for the conceptualizing and creation of the Zen Chillout Series – a total of 10 discs of continuously mixed music showcasing the best international talent alongside top local artists for a holistic listening experience. Created with the environment in mind using recycled materials, a first of it’s kind in the country.

Wayne has refined his audio abilities working with a wide range of local artists in all aspects of sound. His first international release on Blue Tunes Records saw him sharing the disc with top international releasing artists. He scored the soundtrack for a world cup stadium documentary; a German firm commissioned 15 minutes of original Electronic music with an African touch for their stunning time lapse sequences which documented every stage of construction of all the major stadiums from day one through to completion.
A successful collaboration with a local composer followed as they were signed to EMI Records and commissioned by KPM Juice in London to produce a full CD of royalty free music in the spirit of the Africa in the exciting lead up to the world cup. The resulting music featured regularly on UK television networks throughout the event and continues to be used on adverts and by documentary makers around the world.

Wayne worked for two years as a lecturer & mentor at City Varsity in the sound engineering department, interacting with students on a daily basis, maintaining all the technical aspects of the studios and exploring the creative education sector.

In 2010 Craig & Wayne felt it was time to share their knowledge in the spirit of developing and expanding the VJ industry in South Africa. Thus began the process of distilling years of knowledge and experiences into a 12 week short course designed to effectively and efficiently equip students with the skills to become VJ’s and get themselves out onto the circuit. Many of those students are now kept regularly busy with new skills and for some it has become a sustainable way of earning an income. The goal of expanding and increasing momentum around the local VJ scene was achieved and this has been of benefit to the industry as a whole.


Two of South Africa’s pioneering underground DJ’s and producers who have been pushing boundaries in the scene, combine their talent and experience to lead you into the next generation of sounds that can only be described as a fusion of Psy Trance, Minimal Techno and Progressive.

Encompassing passion and energy into their productions and live performances using MIDI controllers to overlay loops and samples to create unique experiences every time, this is one performance that fans can attest you should not miss out.

Having played at many South African outdoor festivals such as Earthdance, Equinox, Zone, Groovy Troopers, Rezonance NYE, Origin and Jungala, this duo is now set on sharing their sound internationally on the dancefloors and in the charts with their forthcoming releases in 2012…


The Fog Show descended on Cape Town’s music scene and soon amassed an intimate following with their addictive selection of techno, minimal and psytech sounds. Their distinctive progression from slowed down minimal beats to rolling bass lines and massive drops is influenced by local acts such as Killer Robot, DeadBeatFM and Broken Toy. The duo have played alongside some of SA’s biggest names and are being called on by clubs and festivals all over the Mother City for their prescribed dose of mind-fogging minimal sounds.


Cape Town based Mark Valsecchi and Byron Kleb are set to break the traditional mould of what Dance music is expected to be and gear towards redefining the term STEREOTYPE. Together they form the DJ/ Producer team that is pumping out some of South Africa’s newest and sexiest Progressive Psy-Tech. Their production style focuses on delivering hi-energy beats and phat bass with emotive chords and progressive lead synths flirting with a taste for Electro, Techno and Psytrance.

STEREOTYPE being in the foreground of utilizing the latest in DJ tech, incorporate hi-end Midi controllers, sound card, an Ipad and Ableton Live into a unique performance allowing unprecidented control for remixing songs and creating custom sound EFX on the fly.

“We customise our sets regardless of whether it’s a DJ or live set. We aim to create a level of originality that is consistently high in energy, making it impossible to sit down.”

Mark Valsecchi aka Lil Phil is originally a Tech House/ Techno producer/ DJ who has appeared in many of SA’s Clubs and festivals. With Releases on Beatport for SA’s most prominent underground labels SleepWalker Records and Roostar Rocords(SA)..

Byron Kleb aka Deep Filth is a Thrash Electro artist, signed to Plasmapool Records (Germany), his self-titled EP ‘Deep Filth’ features two tracks ‘Dope Nasty’ and ‘Deep Filth’ both of which made it on to the Beatport Top 100; coming in at number 75 and 50 respectively in 2011. He has just completed an EP titled ‘My City By Night’ due for release in 2012. This EP rocks remixes by Pascal & Pearce, Enough Weapons and Nadisco.

Together they hone their individual skills into one steaming hot serving of Electronic music that is pure body thumping, arm pumping and get into that groove party music.

Their creative influences are namely Kularis, Captain Hook, Interactive Noise, Durs, Jiser, Audiomatic, Ace Ventura, Infinity, Deadbeat FM and Gokon Rave to mention but a few…

Look out for STEREOTYPE and their innovative take on live DJ performance this summer party season. They will be kicking up a mess at Jungala Outdoor festival. Also keep your eye out for there first Release on Psyology Records, (South Africas newest Psy Trance Label!)

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