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Cape Town will be treated to a brand new festival – one with a wholesome twist. Equilibrium Day Festival is taking place in March 2019 at Nelson’s Creek Wine Estate in Paarl, the 12-hour festival strives to represent the definition of Equilibrium – a state of balance.

The event will celebrate the undeniable union of humanities, arts, health/wellness, music and lifestyle. Festivities will take place in the form of talks & workshops, onsite activities, food vendors, wine tasting and an incredible music lineup featuring their headliner, iconic DJ/producer hailing from Germany, NICONÉ [Dantze | Katermukke].

MCBN: Your music career started back in 2007 – did you begin your career while you were living in Berlin? Could you tell our readers how you got started on this journey?

Right, actually I started with a Record Store in my Town of Birth called Dresden (2 h from Berlin). We where a bunch of people who lived that rave thing and all of my friends started with playing records or machines. First I decided I don’t want to be a DJ because the ego thing was bothering me. But then a fire started inside me for all the things I could express with playing music.

Since we all loved the music we kept the greatest records for ourselves instead of selling them. As a result, we got bankrupt after about a year of running the store.

After that, I moved to Berlin and it all began to go into the proper direction.

MCBN: You have mentioned before that the music you play is less about the genre but more about a feeling, does this change when you’re on a bigger outdoor dance floor compared to that of a smaller intimate dance floor?

Music amplifies our feelings so music can make our hearts beat higher. If we do a good job, we have the right music for the right moment. Because there is no bad music, there is only the wrong music for the moment. But of course the sets for a bigger floor are different than smaller cosy places, I guess. At smaller places, you can be more experimental because you are closer to the people.

MCBN: You have released EPs and singles on labels like Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent and Bar 25. Can you pinpoint a favourite release to date?

The last release on bar 25 with my brother Enda Gallery called “Listen to my Soul” is one of my favourites till today and my album‚ “Luxation” is still on my rekordbox!!

MCBN: You’ve been to South Africa before – have you ever played in Cape Town? Have you got anything special planned for the Cape Town audience, what can they expect from your first show at Equilibrium?

I have been there very often in the past, really like it here. I was in Cape Town maybe 10 times but never for playing!  So it is my very first time playing here and I am very excited to meet the audience. And I should not forget, that we also shot a video in Cape Town a while ago. Regarding the show, let’s see what happens and share the moment!

MCBN: Do you have any plans for upcoming singles or EPs laid out for 2019?

On the 8th of March, I will release an EP called, “ARPiano” on the record label of the Berlin club Ritter Butzke.

And just now I finished my new album, which will be called‚ “Overdrive”. It is not sure when and where it will be released, because it will a different piece this time. We will see, but there are also releases on Katermukke, Einmusik and Bar25 planned for this summer.

MCBN: What is your best memory as a DJ/Producer to date, any special moment stand out in your career as a major highlight?

When I was young in Berlin used to be the “Loveparade”. It was a massive techno parade through Berlin. At the end of it, there was always closing of 10 DJs that played 20 minutes for about 1 million people and I was one of them. That’s been sick.

MCBN: Who has been your favourite artists to work with and who would you like to work with, in the future that you have yet to?

It is so difficult to answer. I love great voices, but I can’t do name dropping. Can’t you tell me who I should/want to record? We have to meet!

MCBN: Thanks for the chat, we’re looking forward to your set in March at the beautiful Nelson’s Wine Estate – any last word for the Cape Town crowd?

I hope we’ll have a sweet time and nobody will go to sleep till Monday!

Be sure to get your tickets now and celebrate the very first Equilibrium Festival at Nelson’s Creek Wine Estate on the 23rd of March with international headliner Nicone and a host of local favourites. Here are the fields and speakers you can look forward to engaging when you attend Equilibrium Festival this year: HERE

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