Episode 2 | Ballantine’s True Music Series x Kid Fonque presents FKA MASH [PODCAST INTERVIEW]


Ballantine’s is bringing you exclusive access to artists’ inner workings, successes, struggles and creative processes through a new podcast series – True Music Exchange. It’s a creative portal into what it means to never compromise and to learn from those who are always breaking new ground.

We recently published Episode 1 where Kid Fonque interviewed Jullian Gomes & Atjazz. They discussed the start of their journies, all the way up until their most recent album launch.

Today, in Episode 2 of Ballantine’s new podcast series, True Music Exchange, Kid Fonque interviews Fka MASH. They talk about their careers and what makes Fka MASH the successful producer and DJ he is right now.

The interview is followed by a live recording from his #TrueMusicSeries show at the African Beer Emporium in Pretoria, where he performed in front of striking audio-reactive artwork created by graffiti artist Felipe Pantone.

Listen to Episode 1 | Ballantine’s True Music Series x Kid Fonque Presents Atjazz & Jullian Gomes

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