Epic Downhill Speed Skating In Cape Town

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There is Decio who we thought had done the unthinkable, now here is Oli doing some epic downhill speed skating in Cape Town on the same road Decio caught the speed camera and set it off. Watch Oli absolutely scream down Kloof Nek and hit the camera even faster than Decio.

He also bombs a couple other of Cape Town’s most deadly down hill roads at some incredibly high speeds.

Now this is downhill skating!

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  1. Look at this little shit. Just look at him.
    What a shit.
    Crossing solid white line on blind corners.
    Ignoring stop streets.
    Heading down Kloof Nek at 70 something kph.
    I don’t care about him. Fokken doos.
    But if he hits someone. Or someone’s car. Who’s got to pay then?
    Sure as hell, he ain’t got no insurance.
    ‘Bout time he grew the fuck up and took some responsibility.
    So fucking big and clever, ain’t he?
    Juvenile little poes.
    I hope he crashes soon and he ain’t never gonna get to ride again.
    Just make sure he don’t take anyone with him when he goes.
    Little fucking shit.

  2. Going down kloof nek is risky enough but its double laned so you don’t cross into the on coming guys…but really, the glen is fucking risky and skating in residential camps bay is an accident ready to happen!!
    He is a little shit as Shanaaz has said above, if a car goes into him, the driver will be scarred for life. Lots of these skaters have a live fast die young attitude but really, they must think of their mothers driving across the road and one of their mates skates into them and dies….
    I understand its fun and theres an adrenaline rush but really, don’t make other people look like assholes and ruin their lives after they run over your mates heads and kill them.

  3. Hahaha, you will never understand extreme sports.
    I get it, its just not your thing?? Funny thing is you not going to stop anyone with their extreme sports. Skating, BMXing, you name it and extreme sports are actually becoming bigger in CT and more backed.
    Thats a fact, scrubs these days will never understand

    1. “Funny thing is you not going to stop anyone with their extreme sports.”
      Oh, my laaitjie, I think he will stop soon enough when he meets with the front of the Toyota coming up the hill. I just pray that he is the only one who is maimed or killed. I pray that the driver of the vehicle is uninjured and that the dead boy’s parents stump up for the damage to the car and the cleaning of the blood from the tarmac. Because he sure as hell has no money – choosing to play like a retarded five year old on Kloof Nek instead of doing some damn work.
      Our hard earned taxes shouldn’t have to pay for this sort of shit.

      I have no problem with the backing and increasing popularity of these extreme sports. With formalisation comes rules and regulations which keeps little shits like this off the open roads, which were made for the rest of us to use for transportation, not for some little prick with too much time to play his silly games.
      Sweetpea, you can have your little extreme sports. I’m happy for you, really, I am. Just keep your little wannabe games out of the way of us REAL people, who are leading REAL lives with REAL jobs in the REAL world.

      For the record, I do not drive a GTI.

  4. well if there were more and wider sidewalks for us skaters we wouldnt be in the road and not all of us goes on a speed rush without planning the shit and have backups incase of an unsuspected car showing up or anything like that

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