EP of the Week | Stiff Pap – Based On a Qho Story

EP of the Week | Stiff Pap – Based On a Qho Story


Cape Town based Stiff Pap have been making a name for themselves since dropping their high energy single ‘Dlala’ at the end of 2016. Describing their sound as a combination of gqom, kwaito and hip hop the duo, consisting of rapper AyemaProbllem and producer Jakinda, deliver futuristic, bass-heavy, dance-floor music.

Their debut EP “Based On A Qho Story” is fast-paced and high in energy, with the title a nod to the drug ecstasy and it’s close link to gqom parties. “We want it that when you listen to Stiff Pap it’s like you’re under the influence of something. Like in a trance. You just lose yourself. I want our music to be like ecstasy.” explains AyemaProbllem.

Over 5 tracks the energy on the EP is varying yet relentless, with a palette of fresh sounds overlaying familiar kwaito and hip hop beats. “We’ve got some songs that are almost like you’re in a club in the future. That’s our whole vibe. Alternative-futurists.” says Jakinda.

With a unique approach to their music and rhymes Stiff Pap is a true South African hybrid, combining the best of international and local sounds into something completely new. It’s only a matter of time before they make their presence known locally and abroad.

Via RedBull Studio Cape Town


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