EP of The Week | BamBeano – Tellus


Cape Town-based producer, BamBeano has become known for his versatile and dynamic approach to sound, working with a musical palette that consists of alternative electronica – from techno to Playa-tech, tech-house and downtempo grooves.

His latest offering is a 7-track masterpiece that was born during SA’s national lockdown. The EP is titled Tellus which is Latin for Earth. The term also refers to the ancient Roman religion and myth, Tellus Mater or Terra Mater (“Mother Earth”) who is a goddess of the earth.

The EP is a musical exploration inspired by the sounds and elements of our beautiful planet, “most of the tracks were written during hard-lockdown,” says BamBeano, “when we all had the urge to go explore the outdoors.”

“Each track represents something natural from our planet, however, the sixth track represents humans’ contribution – plastic. I had the pleasure of writing the final track “Cosmology” with my good friend Dave Irish.”

Listen to Tellus and purchase your copy via the links below.

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