EP of the Day: Joint Nation Records Presents Pascal Hetzel ‘Sativa’ EP Remixes by eCCo/Dakin Auret/Rob Sloan


The first release of the South African House and Techno music imprint – Joint Nation Records. The EP features German rising star Pascal Hetzel, followed up with remixes from South African locals Dakin Auret and Rob Sloan as well as the inclusion of a remix from the Danish producer ECCo. The blend of European & South African flavours paves way for a unique yet solid EP.

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Pascal Hetzel – Sativa – Original

The almost 11 minute original from German producer Pascal Hetzel has moving undertones, a chronically deep kick and island like melodies scattered throughout that build the listener up for its entirety. The variations of his groovy base lines and airy sounds have a somewhat jazz feel that give the track it’s almost timeless feel, giving further credit to Pascal’s ability to tell a story through music. The destination sure does feel beautiful. 

Pascal Hetzel – Sativa – eCCo Remix


Danish producer eCCo’s remix of Pascal Hetzel’s Sativa starts off with an inquisitive, rolling and modulated baseline that immediately attracts your attention. Cracks of fire-like sounds build you up and into a delicious groove orientated drop. The uplifting energy from the snares gives it a clubbier feel than the original. Mysterious vocals with some futuristic sounds bring a fresh sound to the remix. The airy linking sounds from the original are brought through at the end of this track and give a recognisable connection to the original.

Pascal Hetzel – Sativa – Dakin Auret Remix


Dakin Auret’s remix of Pascal Hetzel’s Sativa has a darker, disco infused feel to it thanks to the snare and low rolling base sounds. The cheeky base line is mellow but upbeat enough to hold the listener throughout the track. The airy hats and vocals give this EP a mysterious feel that compliment a sneaky vox snipped out of a movie from way back when.

Pascal Hetzel – Sativa- Rob Sloan Remix


Rob Sloan’s remix of Pascal Hetzel’s Sativa jumps straight into it from the get-go with an undeniably energetic percussion. This energy-ridden song has great breaks and good fusion between sound and silence that is true to Rob’s distinct style of production. A hollow drum like sound allows your ears to stay on track whilst a tempting baseline keeps you on edge throughout


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