England vs Algeria At the Cape Town Stadium


I was lucky enough to finally get some tickets to the England Algeria game, which were rather over prized but hey, I didn’t want to be the guy after the world cup who didn’t get to see a game so brought the tickets and I can tell you, I felt like I was ripped off a little. Not in terms of the vibe and the action (or lack there of in the game) in and around the stadium, pre and post kick off. The game was a shocker, the English, who I came wanting to see shine were looking like a bunch of amatuers out there. Oh and the Budwieser was R30 a drink, which is in my eyes definitely a little unfair to us locals…


All I wanted to do was see some goals, by Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard or even John Terry with one of his usual headers at Chelsea from the corners. The English boys in total are worth over hundreds of millions of pounds and still couldn’t find a way to get one in the back of the net, the worst thing was they couldn’t even find there own team mates with short passes and some really shocking through balls. They didn’t even look in the game, the Algerian’s looked a lot more determined and keen to play some football. So to watch the celebration start from the Algerian supporters from their side of the stadium 20 minutes from time, one could tell England were not going to get any better or even equalise. It was such a pity cause the vibe was incredible, the English fans packed in their numbers and the singing and chanting which you would usually hear in Premier League games were drowning out the Vuuv’s in the Cape Town stadium. It was awesome and such a disappointment for the English fans, who were boo’ing their team when the final whistle blew (apparently the first time in English history this has ever happened). From the final whistle, the walk to Fatboy Slim was one hell of a party, as the Algerian fans hit the streets screaming and celebrating as loud as they could and they didn’t even win! South Africa has shown that they are more then capable of holding an event of this magditude. It was run so smoothly with the amount of people there. The vibe throughout the evening was INSANE! AWSOME! UNBELIEVABLE!  


Fatboy Slim then absolutely blew my mind, but keep your eyes open for that post which should be coming soon! That was a complete new level of a night. He was insane, I honestly wish I could do that all over again, the whole day, the whole experience… I love this World Cup so much, Cape Town is thriving off the vibe! So is MyCityByNight…

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    1. I have to agree with you there Michelle… The refs really have been shocking- far too many cards and needless sending offs.

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