Emmarentia Live Interview – Bad Peter

It's almost time for the day music and food festival Emmarentia Live and we had a quick chat with the lads from Bad Peter ahead of tomorrow's big gig.


It’s almost time for the day music and food festival Emmarentia Live and we had a quick chat with the lads from Bad Peter ahead of tomorrow’s big gig. Here’s what went down:

MyCityByNight: Please enlighten us quickly as to where your name comes from?

Bad – PG’s surname is Badenhorst, that where Bad comes from.

Peter – Alwyn’s second name is Petrus, which becomes Peter when translated.

MCBN: What inspires you musically? We have been taken on a rollercoaster with some of your past work. How do you do it?

At this stage we’re writing about anything and everything. May it be a personal experience, things happening to us or to people close to us, something we read or see that evokes emotion.

MCBN: If it could be anyone, who would you most like to work with in the future?

For now, we’d love to go back to Theo Crous in Bellville. We feel that we’ve only just scratched the surface with our debut EP and we’d love to explore where our music is going with Theo behind the desk.

MCBN: What do you think about the South African electronic music scene? What can we expect when you play at Emmarentia Live this year?

Even though we love acoustic guitar and band driven music, we often listen to Electronic Dance Music. We feel there’s something to learn from every music genre, so we don’t limit the music we listen to based on genre. 

We’re so stoked to be included in the line up, so we’re gonna give our everything and make the most of this awesome opportunity!

MCBN:  Who else do you admire within the industry, and who are some young up and coming producers and artists that we can look out for?

We’re huge fans of Jeremy Loops, Mi Casa, Gangs of Ballet, Shortstraw and Majozi.

MCBN: If you were to go deaf in the next few months, how would you pay the rent?

Yoh what a question! We’d probably learn a few extra licks and chords on the guitar, try to memorise their sound and carry on writing songs!

MCBN: Would you mind giving us a quick run-down of your most recent party/festival/show antics – any crazy stories we should know about?

We just came back from our first Oppikoppi, which was absolutely insane! We played the Top Bar stage alongside artists Georgetown, Howie Combrink and Ben Dey. We had no idea what to expect but when we saw the place fill up before our set it really got the adrenalin flowing. Seeing everyone having a great time and some even singing along to our songs was incredible. Having the awesome dust dwellers of Oppi dance on tables at 2pm was freakin crazy!

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?

All the pretty girls – Kaleo

Cleopatra – Lumineers

Catch & Release – Matt Simons


Catch Bad Peter at Emmarentia Live tomorrow!

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