Eminem comes out as Gay in The Interview

eminem gay the interview

Quite a big fuss was made over whether The Interview would actually be released after threats of nuclear war were made by the always-rational leaders of North Korea in response to finding out that the movie would premier in the States.

In the end the West kind of wimped out with the movie being released in a select few privately owned theaters and of course the internet via torrent sites, which is where most of us get our movies these days anyways (me obviously not included, because I’m a big fan of paying for good content and not downloading it, for free).

Overall the movie was pretty average (and I’m being kind) with one of the highlights being the clip of Eminem delivering some dialogue around how the one thing he left in his closet after cleaning it out (see what I did there?), was the fact that he was actually gay.

I mean it’s funny, but hardly enough to have me rolling around on the floor in stitches – which probably makes the clip a good litmis test for the full feature and whether you’re going to enjoy it or not.


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