elrow finds a new home in Cape Town at Colorbox Studios – 5 mins from Cape Town City Centre

Elrow has a new home and we’re ecstatic. After days and days after hard work with licencing and battling the city to get us a new venue, we’re set for Colourbox Studios just 5 minutes out of Cape Town… Here’s what elrow had to say
On the 06th of March, CoCT informed us that due to the number of events being held in CBD on the 24th of March, the city could not take on another show. We had made all our applications in on time and had done everything by the book but this information came very late in the planning and production process, leaving us with super limited time in our hands to act.
After exploring (literally) over 100 options and sitting in endless meetings day and night over the past two weeks, both the CoCT and elrow reached the conclusion that the only way to make this event safe for our fans, while meeting the required eventing laws, was to use an existing venue, such a club or a permanent establishment.
We took many of your feedback and exhausted many unavailable options. However, our friends at ColorBox Studios have shifted things around to accommodate us at the very last minute at their warehouse-ish indoor / outdoor space.
Even though we will be reducing the number of partygoers, we will not be reducing the quality of the show.
The elrow show goes on and our fans can expect our traditional dance-floor mayhem.
For our fans that believe this is not something that they have signed up for, we will refund 100% of their tickets, we offer our sincerest apologies and we will make it up to all of you on our next show in the mother city. (For refundings, simply contact info@nutickets.co.za TILL 22ND OF MARCH 23:59)
For our fans that want to experience the production we’ve been planning for months, welcome, and our apologies for all the frustration that this messed up situation presented you (and ourselves).
This new intimate elrow experience is now nearly sold out, less than 50 tickets available, we appreciate the love and interest in our event and are looking forward to having you with us.
Due to limited parking space around the venue we suggest our guests to use uber services.
We appreciate all the love and understanding Things to remember:
1 – Get ready for Saturday.
2 – Cowboys don’t give up, soon we will be back in the Mother City for our super show, bigger and bolder!
All the love.

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