Elin Got R700 Million From Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods‘ divorce with Elin Nordegren was finalized back in August but the details of their settlement have been kept under wraps until now. It seems she got a cool R700 million from him.

Even though she got that much money she is cutting back on her expenditures, an example is when she was traveling back and forth from California to Orlando – she took a commercial jet instead of a private jet. A source says…

“She could afford the jet but didn’t even consider it. She’s not cheap, but she’s just not throwing money around and wasting it the way some people would. But she has cut back some of the hours some people work, she’s not acting like she hit the lottery.”

The source then goes on to say that since he is worth around R3 billion she could have got at least another R700 million from Tiger…

“Tiger is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with his earning, investments and the endorsement deals he’s made over the years, Elin got a lot of money, but she could have received more. She wanted enough money to not change her luxurious lifestyle but she didn’t try to take him for every penny that she could. Elin wants to get on with her life.”

If I was Elin I would have took him to the cleaners for the embarrassment he caused her. Also, I find it hilarious that people consider taking a commercial jet instead of private as “cutting back”, I’m lucky if I can fly at all.


Source: Radar

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