Elevator Murder Prank – Would you help?

Elevator murder prank

We would like to think that we’re the type of people that when faced with a situation where someone was being attacked and in dire need of help, we’d step in and go all Bruce Willis on the bad guy. I mean, that’s the right thing to do, right?

In the real world however, most of us would rather just turn a blind eye and carry on with our business, justifying it to ourselves by saying something like “oh they were probably just making out”. These two researchers set up an elevator prank/experiment to see exactly how your average joe would react.

Elavator murder prank 2

There were some crazy reactions from people who fell privy to the prank, including a woman who used her bunch of flowers as a weapon to fight off the attacker, but my highlight has to be the guy pictured above, who simply whipped out his phone and filmed the whole thing (perhaps a testament to our current Youtube “share everything” culture).

Do you reckon you’d help?

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