Electric Mansion Joburg Review

On Saturday night while up in Johannesburg I joined Von Lurie and Hidro of MyCityByNight Jozi for what was billed as an epic dance event that would rival the likes of those seen overseas in Holland and Ibiza!

So lets start with the promotion of the event…

Firstly, Off the Wall Events realised that it was necessary to cover as many mediums as possible in the promotion of the Electric Mansion event and went on to pay for a series of ads on 5fm and enlist the help of the totally awesome online team of MCBN to keep their digital image and promotion ahead of the event top notch.

The production on the night was like I had never seen before with pyrotechnics being used inside of Gallagher Estate during the event. There was a fashion show and then all sorts of scantily clad people gyrating on stages all over the place. We’ve got some really epic footage of all of this but will only be putting it up later this week after a bit of an edit- hehe you must watch what goes out on HD 😉

As far dj talent on the night goes, it was pretty much an eargasm of music all night with Marco V, First State and Sander van Doorn combining to absolutely destroy Gallagher Estate. The first International dj to drop it on the night was Marco V and he played a fairly driving set that had one or super classics thrown in to make sure the Jozi crowd was amped for likes of Sander van Doorn.

Sander van Doorn had one of the craziest intros that I had ever seen inside a club and the proceded to take the crowd on an epic trance journey that had the crowd dancing like they had the power of the rave inside them! The set was truely some of the most educated and perceptive of the crowd’s tastes that I have ever heard and Sander was smiling and jamming along with the crowd the entire time (top class and essential in my opinion). Sander even dropped his epic remix of the Killers- Spaceman which sent the entire rave into a euphoric explosion that I havent seen since Tiesto dropped Lethal Industry when he played at Silverstroom as the sun was coming up over the Cape coast all those years ago.

First State then had the duty of closing up the party with some truely fantastic blend of uplifting, dreamy and melodic trance that had all those there with their hands raised firmly in the air.

Being the online nightlife authority in South Africa we hooked up a little exclusive video interview with the super star dj and current number 12 in the DJ MAG TOP 100- Sander van Doorn. Epic really. We’ll pop that up as soon as we can- along some of the NSFW action from Electric Mansion.

The only pity was the attendance- Gallagher Estate was massive and the venue could have held far more than the couple of thousand that did turn up on the night. I have no doubt that Off the Wall events will keep up this unbelievably high standard in future productions and that more people come out and be amazed.

A big thanks to our ticket winners, who all seemed to be having the biggest jol on the night and also to Off the Wall and the Electric Mansion for an awesome event.

South Africa is finally getting the big acts and World Class production that we have been waiting for.

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  1. Excellent review!!!
    OTW did an amazing job with Electric Mansion!!
    So hope that they pay no attention to the ppl’s negative comments about the event as it was epic!!
    Great setup, awesome venue and some of the BESTEST DJ’s we’ve seen in South Africa
    Looking forward to another event like this in 2011

  2. Good detailed review MCBN !!! Party, Venue, Dj’s were all awesome, great job by Electric Mansion. You’ll always have people that aren’t happy but that’s life. Hoping that Electric Mansion will do it again next year…..

    Still a bit disappointed that I didn’t see/find you guys there but THANKS again for the Diamond tickets, I thoroughly enjoyed the event !!!

    1. @Rheinhardt- Sorry we missed you on the night hey!!! Not a suprise though- that venue was absolutely massive! It really is refreshing to see promoters put some effort into their parties- we need to raise our standard of nightlife entertainment here in South Africa and this is the right way to do it.

      @Valdette MyCityByNight is definately hoping for another OTW event- maybe this time they’ll even throw in a Cape Town show for good measure 🙂

      Look out for Maureen’s (one of the diamond ticket winners) review of the event tm (gives a bit of an alternative view).

        1. @Valdette- It will up on the site tomorrow… We just got a little bit snowed under with being awesome and stuff 😉

          1. Thanks! Already got Maureen’s review – she mailed it to me earlier this morning 🙂
            And yes, you guys are awesomeness hehe!!!

            1. Yeah, also read Maureen’s review….nice one. Continue with the awesomness MCBN !!!

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