Egypt Is Investigating A Danish Photographer’s Sex Shoot on The Pyramid of Khufu


Danish photographer and “rooftopping” thrill-seeker, Andreas Hvid’s latest photoshoot involving sex on the Pyramid of Khufu has angered the Egyptian authorities and could see him facing jail time.

Hvid posted a video to YouTube and Facebook of the pair climbing the pyramid in late November as well as a nude photo of them on top of each other, taken on the structure. His posts went viral with comments on social media slamming the Dane for “shameful” behaviour and that ancient wonders should be admired and treasured.

Initially, it was thought to be fake but Egyptian authorities have referred the video to the country’s Attorney-General to investigate its validity and Mr Hvid and his friend are now under investigation. Local authorities are investigating how they were able to scale the Pyramid of Khufu and if the explicit video atop the pyramid is in fact real.

The prosecution authorities will tell Egyptians how the two tourists were able to scale the Great Pyramid of Khufu, whether the video is real or fake, and negligent officials will be brought to justice. The explicit video has sparked fury and outrage among Egyptians in general, and the officials affiliated with the Ministry of Antiquities in particular. I stress that scaling the pyramids is strictly forbidden.”┬áMr El-Anany,┬áMinistry of Antiquities

In a recent interview with Ekstrabladet Andreas Hvid said he been stopped by guards on a previous attempt to climb the pyramid, before breaching a fence in late November. The model in question, however, allegedly denied participating in the offending photoshoot. Unconfirmed reports say that she was already accosted at the immigration terminals because she had toys that were labelled “Lovegasm” a few days earlier so she really wouldn’t want any more trouble with the Egyptian authorities.

Andreas Hvid’s page features artistic photos taken on high structures in a thrill-seeking practice of “rooftopping”.

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