#EFC30 – Allen Vs Madge To Ignite Cape Town & The ‘WHITE TIGER’ Comes Home!


After a massive reshuffle due to the injury of lightweight champion Leon Mynhardt, Cape Town’s June 05 event has been given the ultimate main event with the dream match-up of Don Madge vs the undefeated Boyd Allen.

Allen is currently the number one featherweight contender, and will clash with Madge at a catch weight of 69kg. He is undefeated in the EFC AFRICA Hexagon, and most tellingly, in six appearances, has not yet lost a round.

“Boyd Allen is an incredible athlete,” said EFC AFRICA president Cairo Howarth. “He has smashed any opponent we’ve put in front of him, and done it with serious style. Allen against Don Madge’s talent will be an incredible spectacle. This is a true test for Don. I can’t wait to see this fight!”

Allen and Madge are well matched. Both are artists of the striking game, Allen coming from a pedigreed boxing background and having demolished some of Africa’s top strikers, including Wesley Hawkey and Alain Ilunga. He is consummate on the ground also. African and Commonwealth wrestling champion Hanru Botha was unable to dominate him on the floor.

Madge is a global Muay Thai superstar, and, after his sensational victory over ground master Costa Ioannou, as skilled as they come on the ground. He brings searing aggression to any fight, the intensity of his onslaught often a key element to his victories. Allen’s intensity, however, is identical.

“This fight came out of the blue,” said Allen. “I got the call yesterday. I never expected to face Madge. I’ve always said that I’ll take any hard fight, at feather or lightweight, because I want to fight. Don is awesome. He’s got that come forward aggression that I like. This is a fight for the fans. They are going to see a hard, hard fight.”

As it is a main event bout, Madge and Allen will have five rounds to find the difference between them. Cape Town fans are in for the ultimate battle. Both athletes are at the top of their game, totally uncompromising, and ready, willing and able for all-out war.

Mynhardt is unable to compete due to a groin injury sustained in training early this week. He has been ruled out of all contact for four weeks, making preparations for a title defense impossible.


World Muay Thai champion Irshaad Sayed reaches a dream on June 05. For the first time, in a career spanning two world titles and the Chinese MMA crown, this Cape Town born athlete will fight at home.

Scheduled to face Johannesburg’s Charlie Weyer, a former professional boxer, the global phenomenon Sayed has the perfect opportunity to show his home town what he has become since leaving African shores at the age of 17.

“I’m extremely excited to be fighting MMA in Cape Town for the first time,” said Sayed. “I’m really looking forward to having the support of my family and friends at the stadium.”

For Sayed, while fighting at home is a privilege, it brings a new kind of pressure.

“While this support is a great welcome for me it also brings some pressure. I think the support of my family and friends could be the key to seeing me perform at my best.”

Sayed’s best is a formidable concept. He possesses a strike arsenal deadly enough to have netted him both the world Muay Thai and K1 titles, and has also developed a ground game that saw him reach the very top of Chinese MMA.

In Johannesburg’s Charlie Weyer he faces a challenging opponent, however. A former EFC bantamweight title contender, Weyer is known for crisp hand speed and a finely polished all round game.

Sayed left his home eight years ago. He has achieved the heights of combat sports since. On Thursday, June 05, all his efforts come full circle when he finally gets to do what he was born to, at home.

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