Eddie Izzard Comedy|| The Death Star Canteen

When I was a young whipper snapper I was the hugest fan of the legendary Star Wars movies and Darth Vader (who was Luke’s father, just in case you didn’t know). However, my love for the Star Wars series was always plagued by one nagging question that I was never able to figure out- until the super funny Eddie Izzard tackled it in one of his comedy shows.

You see, I was rather perplexed by the fact that Darth Vader needed always wore the paaaaah-keish mask in order to keep him attached to the special life-support machine, thus enabling him to conquer galaxies and kill people with his thoughts- I mean how the hell did he ever eat anything?

Eddy Izzard… I hand over to you… Apparently the canteen of Death Star is equally as frustrating as the one at my work- even if you are the boss… Enjoy peeps 🙂

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