Song of The Day | Eartheogen – Steak For Fossegrim [Ecoteric Remix] | Universal Tribe Records

We have a chat with Ecoteric on his latest rework of Eartheogen

Alias: Ecoteric
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Origin Story:

Since the release of Eartheogen’s latest EP (Serpent Rising) on Zenon Records, I have been a major fan of his song “Steak For Fossegrim”. I thought to myself what a unique way to express the deep progressive daytime sound. One day I was scrolling through my feed and I saw a clip of Eartheogen live at Mo:Dem Festival; “Steak For Fossegrim” was playing. I was moved by his deep sound design and wanted to be part of something like that. My record label “Universal Tribe Records” and New Zealand born rockstar Phil Patrick started talking about compiling an Eartheogen remix album, not long after I found myself releasing alongside Luis M, Scionaugh, Nocturnal, Hollowglyph and many other favourites of mine. Both label brothers and inspiring live acts. The album is huge and I couldn’t be any more grateful for this incredible release. A milestone for my career. Forever thankful. 

Release Date: 29 August 2020
Release Platforms: Exclusive to BANDCAMP

Record Label: Universal Tribe Records Website:

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