Echo Life Review: South Africa’s new trendy and tasty CBD range that works

Echo Life

Echo Life is a new, homegrown brand offering a fresh and unique range of CBD care. Echo is one of the few local brands to offer specified CBD oils for sleep, anxiety, performance and pain and that come in a variety of natural flavours. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Echo Life products two weeks ago, and so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results. Firstly, their packaging is fantastic with branding that is fun yet sleek and discreet.

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Echo Life CBD

The oils come in small, travel-friendly glass bottles packed in a cylinder cardboard casing with bold, colourful text: Purple for pain, yellow for Boost, Blue for Sleep and Tiel for Calm. The tropical salve comes in a mess-free, roll-up container for effortless applying which is something I particularly enjoy. All products are 100% whole hemp plant-derived and are all paraben and formaldehyde-free. 

Let’s take a look at some of Echo Life’s products and their effects in more detail: 

The Oils

Echo Life SLEEP 600mg tincture. Flavour: Vanilla

While I have no problem sleeping, my partner does struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. After about five days of using Echo Life SLEEP 600mg CBD oil before bedtime, he found he was able to fall asleep faster (some nights earlier) and woke up a lot less than most evenings. Another upside is this has to be the best flavour out of the three we chose. The vanilla is delicious, just too delicious. 

Echo Life BOOST 600mg tincture. Flavour: Apple

Echo Life’s BOOST CBD oil, is designed to improve focus and energy. We got this tincture in the apple flavour which is both tasty and subtle. BOOST has become a favourite addition to our morning coffee. At first, I only noticed that using the oil along with my coffee, took away the jitters and sweating I sometimes get with my beloved cuppa. After a few days, I noticed, I wasn’t crashing between coffees and also felt the need for less – cutting down to two cups a day from about five. 

Echo Life PAIN 1500 mg tincture. Flavour: Peppermint

The Echo life CBD for PAIN comes on 1000mg and 1500mg and has a distinct, planty and earthy taste with a darker than the other oils. It’s also ISO9001 certified and produced in an FDA-certified facility. This oil perhaps has the most notable effects all round in terms of pain, anxiety, and even sleep. Taken on its own, it’s calming effects are felt swiftly. When used with either the pain cream or salve, localised pain improves even more efficiently. 

The Balms

Topical CBD pain cream. Fragrance: Blood Orange 

This fast-acting pain cream is fantastic for muscular aches, pain and inflammation. I’ve been using it for neck and shoulder tension, and have been thoroughly impressed, especially by how fast it works. 

This Echo Life cream for pain is available in 500mg or 1000mg full spectrum hemp extract. The ingredients include aloe vera, cocoa butter, cocoa oil, olive oil and blood orange extract, which gives it a fresh and uplifting fragrance. The lightweight, silky formula absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling smooth without any sticky residue. 

Soothing Topical Salve. Fragrance: Lemongrass

If you prefer a more balm-like treatment for pain and inflammation, then Echo Life’s Topical Salve is for you. Personally, my favourite product so far. I’ve been using the salve on my neck, shoulder and lower back. I love how fast it works on tender areas and it’s citrusy lemongrass aroma. 

Echo Life’s Topical Salve, is infused with 100% organic phytocannabinoids, essential terpenes and quality natural essential oils. It blends coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E, arnica, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, balsam fir, lemongrass and ginger root harmoniously. I carry my topical salve in my bag wherever I go and apply when needed. Relief from muscle tension usually lasts up to 3 hours for me. It’s also an excellent aftersun treatment for after a long day at the beach or outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Echo Life’s range of CBD oils are a refreshing take on the standard unflavoured products on the market. Their MCT oils feel lighter, and their natural flavours are well rounded but not overpowering. The products I’m enjoying the most have to be the BOOST tincture (next time, I’ll be purchasing it in my favourite flavour, the vanilla), the Topical Salve and their cream. Both of these ointments worked almost immediately. Both smell fantastic and don’t leave a sticky residue on the skin. 

As someone who experiences quite a bit of muscle tension and stiffness, these products have been an amazing find. I carry the Echo Life Salve and BOOST with me almost everywhere I go. And would highly recommend them both. All tincture flavours are impressive, but as mentioned, Vanilla is my favourite followed by the Apple flavour. 

Their website is fun and easy to navigate and when you first land on Echo Life’s home page, you’ll be prompted to ‘spin the wheel’ for a chance to score discounts and deals before you even begin shopping! 

Along with my favourite products, I will be returning to try out Echo Life’s Calm tinctures for stress and anxiety. There have also been rumours of a new Echo Life beauty range that will be launching soon with a variety of exciting wellness products, which I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for too.

Discounts and Deals 

If you are interested in trying out this fabulous range, Echo Life is running an offer this Black Friday on all their 600mg CBD tinctures. Get 65% OFF all 600mg CBD tinctures which come in a variety of delicious flavours to aid sleeppainanxiety and even energy Use the coupon ECHOBF – valid for a limited time only this Black Friday. 

But there’s more, Echo Life, in partnership with MyCityByNight, will also be offering an exclusive 20% off your first purchase for the entire month of November. Use our code (ECHOMCBN) when shopping for your Echo Life Topical Salve and Cream.

Find out more and get your Echo CBD today at
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