Eat In Nightmarket at the Old Biscuit Mill

Knowing that apart from tearing up the country’s nightlife and social scene and amusing mooiness with our razor sharp wit and Ricky Martin like dance moves, we also enjoyed get our newage on. Yes that’s correct the boys from MyCityByNight will on occasion frequent the organic market at the Old Biscuit Mill to stock up on ginger and apple iced tea and products made from only the most fresh and health of products.

That’s why we were amped to let you know about the first ever Eat In Night Market. Whether you’re an organic lover, meat-munching carnivore or you simply love the smell of freshly baked treats, join MCBN in celebrating the best in South African produce… at night.

On Thursday the 17th of March from 5pm onwards the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town will be transformed into a lively night market to celebrate the 2011 SAB Eat In Produce Awards. We’re especially excited about the fact that we’ll have the opportunity to be one of the first to taste a brand new ice-cold micro-beer – specially brewed for the event by SAB while listening to Dave Ferguson, culinary delight in hand.

On the night we will also be the first to find out who this year’s winners in nine distinctive categories, including Heritage, Organic, and Best New Product are. The first Eat In Night Market will include nominated products, a range of exhibitor offerings, plus a food and beer pairing. The 2011 edition of Eat In magazine will be launched at the event. Entry is free. For more information visit

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