Easter Vortex Line Up Times!

So the weekend is pretty much upon us and seeing as though we got 3 days of full partying, I dont think I can make it through all 4 days, I decided to put the line up times up here so anyone who wanted to plan their party, can do so!

Saturday Afternoon

01.00-03.00 STROBE 1 vs STORM
03.00-05.00 SANUS SENSUS
05.00-07.00 CONNECTO
07.00-09.00 MIKE VR
09.00-11.00 SONIC

Sunday Morning

11.00-01.00 PARANA
03.00-05.00 TOM
05.00-07.00 JESTER
07.00-09.00 JOS
09.00-12.00 TRON
12.00-02.00 CHABUNK
02.00-04.00 TUNERAIDER
04.00-06.00 COOKS

06.00-07.00 DJ OFF

07.00-08.30 INDIDGINUS
08.30-10.30 JAMAL
10.30-12.30 KILLER B


02.30-04.00 MAD HATTER
04.00-05.30 XATRIK
05.30-09.00 SKRAGG
09.00-12.00 BRUCE
01.00-04.00 LOX

Now if I hear another person complain at how shit the line up is, I might just smack you… cause Vortex seem to be packing in some of the finest acts and each DJ has got more then enough time to DJ aswell, which is rad. I love it when they get given 2 – 3 hour sets. Things can get very mystical

From 12 o clock Monday morning till the end of the party is just wonderful, Skragg for almost 4 hours which is a blessing in disguise, as he has made one of the biggest come backs into the scene if you ask me. After him we get treated to a 3 hour final day Bruce set, now that is going to be one of the greatest Monday mornings of my life. Thank you Vortex!

With Steve Aoki tonight and Vortex the following days, I am in another world with exPSYtment!

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