Easter Vortex 2nd – 5th of April


4 days of MADNESS!!!



TRON (Liquid Records)

Tron’s style is unique in psychedelic trance, with fusions that go from morning funky to the most psychedelic consistent sounds; which makes his style fit anytime on the dancefloor.

Born in 1981 in Mexico City, he has a long carreer on classical guitar. Started producing trance in early 2000 and 2 years later he was playing in clubs and gatherings all around Mexico. His first release Existence was released with Liquid Records, based in London in January 2006, and had raving reviews and excellent feedback. His second full length album Bio-Logic IS OUT NOW!

He has collaborated with many artists from all over the world like: Dickster (Nano Recs.), Earthling (Spun Recs.), Zen Mechanics (Neurobiotic Recs./Iboga)
Darshan(Flying Rhino/Distinctive/Iboga), Flip Flop (Alchemy Recs.), OOOD (Organic Recs. / Pharside), Psymmetrix (Bom Shanka Music), Chameleon (Dragonfly), Beatnik (Liquid Recs.)
Ecliptic (Maia Recs./Undergroove), Mood Deluxe (Liquid Recs.), Vazik (Sounds of Earth), Shove (Alchemy/SoE) to name a few.

He has played in festivals such as: Glastonbury Festival (2007) UK, Glade (2005-2007-2009) UK, Life (2007) Ireland, Underwater Overground (2006) Croatia,Wickerman Festival (2005-2006) Scotland, Monte Mapu (2008) Chile, Fora do Tempo (2008) Brazil, Universo Paralello (2009) Brazil and in clubs and parties in Croatia, Italy, Holland, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, UK, Norway,Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Canada and obviously his homeland. Clearly one of the best and most recognized Psytrance producers in Mexico.THE LOCATION: Circle of Dreams…
A Private Mountain Party Paradise this location is a new venue

The Venue

170 km’s from Cape Town. A River-Without-End, underneath an Ancient majestic Mountain Range. The cry of the African Fish Eagle, a lush forest, a circle of oak trees used by travelers for 100’s of years as a sanctuary, shaded camping for every tent, a beautiful river for swimming. This is the place of all places to party, wild & wonderful… and directions are only going to be given a couple of days before the party. so those of you who have your tickets please don’t show anyone the directions!

Take a listen to that. Tron sounding pretty killer already

People are saying R320 for 4 days is to expensive, well I been to most Easter Vortex’s for the last 6 years or so and they really do not ever disappoint. The DJ line up for this party is by far one of the sicker line up Vortex have thrown. Bring your tent and your gees and lets get lost for a weekend of complete madness and fun. I’m soooooooo amped!

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…


  1. Yeah i think Easter is always worth the mission great party and always a great vibe! Veneu this year looks awesome!

    However i think the line up is not good enough! although there are so excellent local acts… when u pay R320 i expect to see at least 2 big international artists… Tron sounds cool but i think we just deserve more!

  2. Yeah I know exactly what you saying, for me though, Easter has never really given a MIND BLOWING international act. You think back to the likes of Shane Gobi etc, good DJ but nothing mind blowing! The local boys are going to be the ones bringing their A game… super amped for 4 days of madness!

    Looking for to the Skragg, Biorythm, Jester, Concious Chaos, Xatrik, BRUCE, The Commerical Hippies and ofcourse TOM!!!

  3. yeah for sure i know what ur saying… the SA boys are the heat and that line up of local talent is sick!

    i just feel that for the amount you are paying u deserve more… if you look at parties like the vilage/alien you get that same list of local dj’s for only R18o… fair enough the party is shorter but they also are smaller! i just feel like vortex are cutting costs here when they are already making huge cash!

    with thousands of people paying R320 they really should splash out and bringsome1 special!

  4. Agreed, been saying that for years… You take for examples the Hysterica party middle of April, I will do a little write up on it soon soon, its got about 50 DJ's, CT and JHB and they have found themselves an awesome venue and its 3 days, Price: R180 for all 3 days. With one international they bringing down as well. It kind of shows you, that Vortex are going to be charging double the amount with less acts and for me, the DJ line is the essence of the party. Why not spend a little more, bring a bigger name down, throw more local DJ's in. By the looks of things, each DJ is going to be doing a 3 hour set… not bad but not ideal!

    Look I know I will be on the dancefloor at Vortex, as happy as a pig in shit but maybe next year they could take the time to think of a DJ the whole crowd knows and wants to see, obviously not a Skazi or an Infected Mushroom, but a big name or two that will BLOW OUR MINDS!

  5. does anyone know the name of the DJ who was using a didgeridoo? i loved it and cant find it anywhere.

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