Earthdance Cape Town Interview | Phanatic (ISR)

With a discography covering well over a decade, and after performing at festivals all over the world, Phanatic has become a mainstay in the worldwide Psychedelic Trance scene. He has been carefully watching the scene and has re-crafted his unique sound for a new era – combining influences from Progressive and full-on Psychedelic Trance with new driving, aggressive, techno-like twists.

We find out what to expect before Phanatic’s debut set at Earthdance Cape Town next month!

MCBN: Let’s kick this off and get straight into things. For all of our excited Earthdance Cape Town readers who don’t know who Phanatic is, care to give us a background into yourself and your career, how did it all start for you?

Phanatic: My name is kfir Lankry, producing Psychedelic / Electronic music professionally since 2003, my first contact with electronic music was in 1995, my brother played for me some “Psytrance” tracks in a tape cassette and at the same moment I had a connection to this kind of genre, it was different, it was underground, it was special! After a year, I was looking for a program to create this kind of music (or trying to create) after long research I found the program “Impulse Tracker”, a popular DOS program which in this times the big names was working with, in 2002 I
released my first track ever when I was part of the project “Bizzare Contact”, the track Name was “Brain Wash” and it was released in Shiva space Technology Records owned by Dj Shiva Joerg, it was huge satisfaction, nothing could describe the happiness we had that time.

MCBN: If you weren’t a psytrance DJ, what would your career path look like do you think?

Phanatic: I believe I was heading to the Programming world, I do have small knowledge in developing websites etc, it definitely something that interests me.

MCBN: You’ve been lucky enough to play all over the world in your decade-spanning career. You must have seen some funny, wild, incredible moments along the way. Can you list a few moments that have stood out as highlights, weird times or crazy moments?

Phanatic: Weirdest thing that happens to me was in Mexico City, I just pushed the play button, and some girl throws her underwear to the DJ mixer, it was nasty lol.

MCBN: If you could have a drink at the bar with 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Phanatic: Avicii, Bob Marley & Amy Winehouse. huge inspiration.

MCBN: South Africa, much like Israel has a thriving Psytrance scene down here. Do you know of many South African DJs, have you worked with any?

Phanatic: Good friend with Headroom, Rinkadink, Protoculture etc and many more, didn’t produce any music with one of them but it might happen in this upcoming visit 😉

MCBN: What does your studio set up look like? We’re always interested to know about the equipment and gadgets used to make the magic you’re producing!

Phanatic: Dynaudio Bm6 Studio Speakers, RME Soundcard, Virus Snow, Virus A, Full room Acoustic & Lots of mighty Vsts.

MCBN: If you could give any up and coming artists advice right now, what would it be?

Phanatic: Never give up even if the way looks longer and harder, there will be a point that your music will explode and you will archive your wish, its all about how much you want it.

MCBN: Do you prefer playing night time or day time sets and why?

Phanatic: I prefer to play at day time, so I can see the huge smile on ppl faces 🙂

MCBN: What can the crowd expect from your debut Earthdance Cape Town?

Phanatic: Tons of new music & good energy.

MCBN: Any last words for the Cape Town crowd?

Phanatic: I’ve been waiting for years to play in your beautiful country, and finally it’s gonna happen, I have lots of expectations from the South African crowd & parties, cant wait to visit.

Phase 2 tickets for Earthdance Cape Town are now on sale via Quicket. For more information, visit the Earthdance Cape Town website or join the event wall and Facebook fanpage.

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