Earkiller – the best of the punk alternative underground


I am probably not the most in the know when it comes to the sounds of the punk alternative underground but I am pretty sure that Sonja Myburgh knows how to throw a good party. EARKILLER promises to bring you the absolute best of the punk alternative underground for one Saturday of every month for the remainder of 2013. Earkiller has something special in store for the launch and if you get your ears down to Mercury you can expect to see:

DJ Sick Days

Sonja Myburgh will be stepping up to spin some of her favourite tunes (think along the lines of her radio show, Sick Day with Sonja on Assembly Radio every Thursday morning 10am – 12pm). This one is going to be loud.


Shaman is a blues rock band with a psychedelic edge – yeah I never thought I’d hear that in a sentence either. These guys and girl find it difficult to remember yesterday but I’ve been told that they rock.

Black Lung

Much like a disease, Black Lung was contracted in July 2012 in the Black Velvet Vagina, their first practice room on Long Street. The 3-piece consists of Dylan Rooibokkie (guitar and vocals), Justus Kotzé (harmonica and tambourine) and Melissa Williams (drums). The band is inspired by all great rock ‘n roll, punk, folk and blues classics and they mash together these influences as loudly and recklessly as possible. Black Lung’s life goals are to eat pizza, drink beer and skate or die!

Tannhäuser Gate

Tannhäuser Gate is a new synth project from Len Cockraft and Gareth Dawson of The Wild Eyes. Moving away from the raw sound of The Wild Eyes and finding inspiration in the more clinical aspects of coldwave, industrial, minimal synth, EBM and techno and a shared love of hardware, Tannhäuser Gate make analogue drenched dance music for Goths in hot weather…

The Ants ( DJ Set )

The illusive cluster fuck that is The Ants will be ending off the night with a DJ Set that is sure to make your skin crawl.

As always – You can also expect the usual from Mercury – foozeball, cheap drinks and good times.

Cover charge is a drop in the bucket: R20 – so bring all your friends.

Doors open at 9am – don’t show up late…


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