E3 Has Just Released a New Trailer For Ghost Of Tsushima & It’s The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today.

E3 is back and it’s sending gamers around the world into a hyped frenzy.

One of the big games we’ve had our eyes on is a new Samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima. Set in a feudal Japan, the game developed by Suckpunch looks like its going to be the next must own title.

Fresh with beautiful environments, crazy bad-ass katana sword fighting, and a seemingly rich story,  Ghost of Tsushima trailer has what it takes to be a top contender for the biggest announcement from E3!

Crank your settings up to max HD, wait for it to buffer if you must, but you are going to want to watch this mini-movie in all its glory. Might even suggest putting on headphones to really enjoy the scenic music and environmental sounds.

With no release date been announced, we are once again left feeling like we want to wish away our lives and fast forward to the not-so-near future to finally play this!


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