Durban Poison at Truth 17th September

Over the past little bit we’ve chatting to some the country’s most prominent djs who all happened to originate from our very own city of Poison… Durban. Yup, you know them as- Coco Loco, Dakin Auret, Kingpin, and Agent K. I could try and write something about this party, but I honestly I don’t think it could be better than this little piece supplied by the boys themselves for their party- Durban Poison @ TRUTH (JHB) – Saturday 17 September.

Once upon a time there were four young scallywags, who had become friends through their love of electronic music, drinking way too much and causing trouble. Then one humid Durban winters evening whilst on one of their weekend plunders, it was decided that they weren’t only happy playing music to the locals and thought it was high time to move north in search of adventurous landlubbers, take all the women and drink all the rum. So a cunning plan was hatched… and the idea of DURBAN POISON came to be.

On Saturday 17 September, the first DURBAN POISON party will take place at TRUTH nightclub and will feature those four miscreant Durban DJs: Coco Loco, Dakin Auret, Kingpin, and Agent K, supported by TRUTH stalwart and good friend of the crew, Karmi. In true Durban style the party will not only be about the DJs, but intends to get the crowd involved and bring up some fun and craziness to TRUTH by hosting a fun pirate theme party. So grab your eye patch, a peg leg (or even a talking parrot if you can find one) and get in on the action for a night of great music, loads of dancing and dirty rum.

These sea dogs of Durban will also be doing something special for Thanda Aftercare centre, which is an orphanage on the south coast of Natal. They will be bringing up their massive Treasure chest and encourage all party goers to help fill this chest with treasure. Please bring a small toy as a donation for an aids orphan, which is to be handed over at Christmas time. For every person who brings a toy, they will be given a DURBAN POISON DJ MIX CD mixed by one of the four Durban DJs. We hope to raise 200 toys for the orphans of Thanda After Care.

So with a bottle of rum and a smelly bum it’s off to TRUTH we go!

Name of event: Durban Poison

Date of event: Saturday 17 September

Venue: TRUTH nightclub

Address: cnr Old Pretoria Road, Midrand, Johannesburg

Cover charge: R70

Doors open: 10pm

Artists performing: Dakin Auret, Kingping, Agent K & Coco Loco


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