d’Urban NeXus 001

Venue: The Willowvale Hotel
Address: 406 Umbilo Road
Time: 20:00

Urban NeXus invites you to party hard to the soundscape which includes the sounds of trance and house.

Our Headliners are made up of dj’s and producers with many different styles but have now firmly committed themselves to the beautiful and intelligent sounds of Psychedelic music. We present to you, PSYANDY of Psyforia, EMN8 of Cosmic Beat Freaks playing PsyTrance, PsyDub and moving the crowd in a way only artists with years of dedication to sound can.

Next we give you the sounds of House from now Kinematic resident, promoter and producer, RumnMonkey. In just a few short years RUMNMONKEY (aka CandyGirls) has turned years of partying experience into a mighty durban party that offers much more than just highly impressive line-ups. Creating a world personally suited to the clubber, and aiming to get the biggest and best artists airplay, you can only imagine the music they will be packing in to a set for us.

Joining the guests will be our regular array of Psychedelic, Psydub and House artists who are all making waves with their particular sounds, and you’ve got the perfect party to finish the night of with. THE SYMPTOM, LEE, LARRINGTON LIVE, CHEMIKULT, SHOMZA & VELTHUIZZZ, DJ JINX, MALCOLM, NEMESIS, DRONE375 and DJ BUDHU, who will make sure you stay dancing from start to finish!!!

Real-time psy-visualz and psy-environment styled by Emithini & Soultribe
Broadcasting Globally via http://sensationsradio.fm/

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