Dude Sprints Out Of Cannabis Factory Holding Massive Plant During Live News Segment

What's going on here then?

You always hear that the SAPS has managed to bust some weed “factory”, being pictured throughout the news outlets standing next to massive grow operations looking very chuffed with themselves. Even though we really don’t think that growing the Devil’s Lettuce should be illegal, it’s still pretty amazing that it takes the police so long to actually find the farms.

In the video below, one such grow farm was found and rather than letting the weed get destroyed by the cops, one guy decided to pop down to the farm after seeing it on the news to go and grab a plant for himself. What makes this even funnier is the fact that the dude in question, somehow managed to get himself busted by another news team, who were also covering the massive bust. Check out the hilarious footage below:

Now that is a proper lol – really can’t say we wouldn’t have done the same thing ourselves (except we wouldn’t have got caught).

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