Dude Proposes At A EDM Festival & It Goes All Wrong

Dude Proposes At A EDM Festival & It Goes All Wrong


If there’s one that I know – most women want the moment a guy/girl pops the question to them to be one that’s super special. If you can actually find someone who is special enough to be with and doesn’t break your heart by running away when you mention being with them forever within the bond of marriage then you might want to consider doing something like the dude in this video.

He decided that the most special way to pop the question would be at an EDM festival where everyone was pretty off their faces on ekkies and MD. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he got down on one knee, his girl had one of the worst reactions we’ve ever seen.

Jeez, that’s pretty awkies. Hopefully that all worked out ok and she actually said yes, once he managed to pull her from beneath the wreckage.

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