Dude Gets Iced When He Goes In For A Kiss With His New Wife On Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight... Here For All Of Your Awkwardness

Married At First Sight is one of those shows, that is pretty difficult to stop watching once you’ve started, quite simply because of how awkward the whole thing is. I know quite a few people around the World, still choose to get married to someone, only having seen them at the alter (scary as hell) but why anyone would do this for TV is completely beyond me.

The clip we’re looking at today comes from Married At First Sight Australia and it sees newlyweds Troy and Ashley on their honeymoon, with Ashley clearly not enjoying the fact that she’s now married to a full on jock who is acting like the guy at the corner of the bar at Billy’s on a Friday night. Unfortunately, Troy tries to go in for a passionate kiss with his new wife and gets shut down in the most spectacular way possible:

Awkward Turtle. This show is ridiculous (but I’m not going to stop watching it). See you in the divorce courts soon then Troy and Ashley?

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