Dude cries over GTA V release date


I’m a pretty big gamer and I’m looking forward to the release of the brand new Grand Theft Auto – GTA V, just as much as most people are. However, one thing that I’ve never done is burst into tears because a gaming development company pushed a game release date back by a couple of months… which is what this poor, poor guy did when he found out that Rockstar Games had moved the release date to September 2013, a whole 7 months from now.

My mind immediately goes back to that crazy cross-dressor who told everyone to “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE”, except I think this is even sadder. Get some sunshine and fresh dude… you clearly need it.

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  1. Well everyones lookin forward to the release of Gta V…but i doubt if anyone would go that far! 😛

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