“Drunken Bar Fight” Looks Set To Be The Best Virtual Reality Video Game Yet

Think Virtual Reality Sucks? "Drunken Bar Fight" Is Going To Change All Of That

We’re finally getting to a place where virtual reality gaming is starting to get really fun. “Drunken Bar Fight” is the latest offering which combines exercise with pure zombie punching fun in a virtual reality environment. As you can probably guess from the title of the game, your character is a drunk guy in a bar who needs to fight everyone in the bar in order to get free.

In the game you’re required to throw real punches and bob and weave in order to avoid your foes, which makes this game a real good work out at the same time as being loads of fun.

In the video below you can see a guy named Buddy really going in –

Yup – this looks like it’s a great way to stay fit and prepare for a bar fight, should one happen at your local at some point during the course of this year.

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