Drugs Are Bad Or Good, Depends How You Look At This

Ok so I’ve just posted this on our Facebook page, but feel it belongs here too!



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  1. She does look like she is having a whale of a time… But i think there are times and places where going full-retard are acceptable. Not at a hotel pool with young kids running around. Her boyfriend clearly didnt seem to mind her acting like a seriously cooked Ariel the mermaid. I on the other hand would have gone all King Tridon on her.

    The following video is another classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Au_8GMUxVs – I love it when he falls over and you can see him sighing in total disbelief that he cant get his slop on. Ive had that feeling while trying to use my speed dial… Good times.

  2. Drugs are either WAY too strong….. Or the wrong kind?!?!?!

    Such bad taste! LOL

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