Drakefest: Pretoria

Pretoria - it's time for you to get your Drake appreciation on at Drakefest!

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We managed to get down to the last Drakefest in downtown Jozi and it was one of the most fun nights out we’ve had in a very long time (but then again, we really love Drake). These days it’s all about Work, work, work, work, work, work…..Pretoria Why don’t you stop and dance to some Drizzy? ♥

So yeah, it’s turn of all you beautiful people up North to let that Hotline Bling and enjoy a party that is dedicated to the man, the one, the only, Drizzzzy Drake. Yes, thats right, prepare to have your HOTLINE blinged as the organisers throw a real Aubrey Drake Graham house party.

-Drake Cut outs
-Drake Stickers
-Drake Masks
-Drake All night long
They’ll be confirming the club venue for the event on their Facebook page shortly. This is one you really don’t want to miss if you’ve ever found yourself dancing to a tune by Drake.

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