DR. 1MORE Remix EP – Out now on Ambious Records


For their 14th release, DR. 1MORE’s ‘Remix EP’ brings you two dancefloor-ready remixes from Ambious Records co-founder MKLY & local Deep House Maestro, KVRVBO. Bringing in early support from Kid Fonque, Kyle Cassim and Vinni Da Vinci, we’re excited to see how far this EP travels outside of the dancefloor.

Up first we have KVRVBO’s take on DR. 1MORE’s, ‘Sunday Blues’. With a downtempo, chunky bassline and groovy top line, KVRVBO’s take on the original keeps the floor moving consistently effortlessly. Up next we have Abmious Records Co-Founder, MKLY’s remix of the ‘Sunday Blues’. This upbeat remix takes the original in a whole new direction, adding a progressive lead, slamming bass and hand’s in the air builds, sure to get people sweating during the peak set.

EP Tracklist

1. Sunday Blues (KVRVBO Remix)
2. Sunday Blues (MKLY Remix)

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