Download SPOT, the new money-app & win EPIC prizes

Spotting your mates money has become as easy as sending Whatsapp messages

There is a new cool kid on the block called SPOT.

What is SPOT you ask? 

SPOT is a P2P cash transfer app that allows you to send money to a contact as easy as sending a whatsapp message. Spot makes transferring cash between MOBILE contacts simple, safe, and social.

We’ve all been in those ‘tough times’ at the bar, or on a festival dance floor, inside a club or a pub and you’re close to the end of the month and minimal money to drink, eat or even buy yourself 2 min noodles. Here’s where SPOT comes in.

The money transferred is not a “virtual money/wallet” system, this is a push-and-pull service from one account to another. The cash reflects in your account in 1-2 days.

Although plenty of industries have made a seamless move to facilitate and promote card payments, many can still only offer consumers the option of using cash. Cash may not be king anymore, but it will always be relevant at sports events, restaurants, corner shops, cafes, festivals, concerts and more.

When you’re not carrying cash, having friends and the Spot app solves that problem.

Download Spot here:

iOS –

Once downloaded, MAKE SURE use the referral code: MCBN007. You should automatically get R20 in your account


  1. Spot MyCityByNight R4 and you could stand a chance of winning a double ticket to Cape Town’s latest festival, Bazique worth R700
  2. Spot MyCityByNight R6 and you could stand a chance of winning a R800 to IYO Burgers in Cape Town.
  3. Spot MyCityByNight R10 and you could stand a chance of winning a R1,200 Crystal Head Vodka hamper.
  4. Spot MyCityByNight R20 and you could stand a chance of winning ALL three prizes above.

Add us to your Whatsapp Contacts as MyCityByNight and spot us money to WIN WIN WIN: 0723245972


To ensure you’ve done everything correctly, the final steps to complete your entry is to comment below in the comment section with the hashtag: #SPOTAPP


SPOT is an instant payments app linked to an internet enabled credit/debit card. Using a familiar user interface, simply select your contact, the amount, enter your pin and send. It’s that simple. Depending on the bank, money will clear on the recipient’s credit/debit card within 1-2 working days.

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  1. Well done to our 3 winners.

    1) IYO Voucher – Clint White
    2) Crystal Head Vodka hamper – Cordelia Gold
    3) Bazique Festival tickets – James Freemantle

    1. Thank you guys! I Spotted R20! I don’t see the other winners names in the comments though 😛 I really wanted the vodka man! hahaha

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