Dove Real Beauty Parody for Men

dove real beauty parody for men south africa

By now you would probably have seen one of the most successful bits of advertising ever made in the form of the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign, which highlighted how inaccurately some women view themselves. The women in the study had incredibly harsh valuations of themselves, describing their outward appearances to the sketch artist as a mix between witch and hobbit. These women where then described by their friends to the sketch artist, resulting in an accurate and heart wrenching drawing, which was then shown to the self-loathing females.

What if the same ad was re-done with a bunch of South African guys talking about what they liked most about their mates? The answer to that question is the premise of the following spoof, starring some of SA’s funniest comedians. It’s good to see our guys putting together some good Youtube content – MORE PLEASE!

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