What A Double TKO! Two MMA Fighters Knock Each Other Out

What A Double TKO! Two MMA Fighters Knock Each Other Out In This Video

double tko

There really isn’t anything more satisfying than downing your opponent with a TKO in a full contact sport like MMA. There’s also nothing like being conscious to bask in the glory of knocking your opponent out, which unfortunately didn’t happen for either of the fighters in this video from InsideMMA that was released earlier last week.

Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker were making their professional debuts at a Legends Of Fighting event in Indianapolis a few years ago when they both went in for a cracking haymaker and managed to both connect, knocking each other out. Apparently Parker went on to fight professionally after the fight and retired in 2008, while Bryan didn’t even bother going back into the ring (I’d also be pretty ashamed and let’s be honest, this fight was always going to be hard to top in terms of entertainment value).

Wow, that was ridiculous. Surprised this hasn’t happened in EFC as yet.

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