Double Adapter release Adapt or Die documentary

Fresh from tearing up the Assembly last Friday night the boys of Double Adapter have released the first episode of their documentary entitled Adapt or Die. This particular doccy takes the shape of six 1 minute video inserts that sum up the experience of each gig, and two 24 minute specials that together create one 48 minute show (Kreg saw the first show and replayed it again right after wards – he apparently already has the second one on pre record). It’s raw but cinematic and exposes the underground dance music world that MyCityByNight knows all too well. It’s rock and roll, but most of all, its a look at electro music in a way that more and more South Africans are starting to see it- passion, youth and awesome all rolled into one.

Filmed in the Holland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Italy and Germany, the documentary follows the chaotic and at times ethically questionable steps of these nutty brothers, and will show African and world audiences that South African artists are here to stay – whether they are gigging at home, abroad, or invading your TV set and radio.

ADAPT OR DIE premiere dates:

Episode 1 premieres on MK, 20th May at 21h00. (last week)

Episode 2 premieres on MK, 3rd June at 21h00.

Inserts 1 to 6 are available on Youtube, if you’re more inclined to view things online.


To find out more hit up any of the following sites:

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