Door 221 & the NEW Summer Menu.


With summer knocking at everyone’s door, who isn’t in the mood for great company, ice-cold drinks and some divine munchies on the side? Well, behind Door 221, the team are prepping for the season and to cater to your summer-time vibes they have changed up the menu with a couple of mind blowing new tapas. I was invited to come sample some of the new goods on the menu this week and I have only been left wanting more.


To start off the night, a refreshing glass of fruit-infused Pims, so simple and super refreshing. Round one of the night: Fish Tacos with a Cumin and Tomato Salsa and Oopsies, that were absolutely great together. The simple yet rich flavour of an all-time favourite combined with the distinct freshness of the fish taco was simply divine. Next up was a glass of wine of course followed by Mozzarella cheese sticks deep fried to perfection paired with the same amazing cumin and tomato salsa on the fish tacos.  We then got to enjoy the tastiest damn Sriracha chicken wings, served with a cream cheese, spring onion and chive dip. To wrap it up, with an already hard to follow list of tapas, we were served a Fillet Trinchado, seared and sauced with some traditional elements but with an original tangy take. Juicy, cooked with excellence and nothing short of mouth-watering.


Ending the night on a house cocktail called the Negroni which they’ve added the Bloedlemoen Gin to & it’s absolutely delicious… We had nothing but praise for each dish – it was seriously hard to find faults in the new menu, simple tapas with an original flare, executed with brilliance. A massive shout out to Door 221 for the invite, the experience was nothing short of decadent.



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