Don’t step on someone’s Jordans

dont step on jordans

There’s one thing that you should know about the Hood – by stepping on someone’s fresh sneakers, you’re basically saying that you want to have porn-style sex with their mothers and put it on the internet. So what do the guys in this video do as a prank? Step on people’s fresh Air Jordans…

You get to see these guys get the crap kicked out of them by different people from New York City and to be honest they deserve every little bit of punishment dished out on them. Sho, if this happened to me, I’d probably react in much the same manner and dish out a People’s Elbow or two.

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  1. This vid is part of an entire series of cruel and racist pranks.. AND it gets waaaaay worse! perhaps rather do a story on the whole thing rather than post a clip which is taken out of context and seen as humorous or whatever… Coz the big picture, is a horrible one!

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