Don’t miss Tequila Herradura & Taco Tasting This Thursday at Aces’n’Spades

Don't miss Tequila Herradura & Taco Tasting This Thursday at Aces'n'Spades


We’re big fans of Mexican anything here at MyCityByNight so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered that Aces’n’Spades are hosting an evening dedicated to Tequila and Tacos!

That’s right, Cape Town’s favourite rock ‘n roll digs will be hosting a Tequila & Tacos tasting night this Thursday in the heart of Cape Town’s bustling CBD. Aces’n’Spades invites you all to the Herradura Tequila Tasting this payday but don’t be fooled – the price per person is a bargain!

For only R50 buck per head, you and your mates can enjoy three rounds of tacos and tequila pairing – undoubtedly the best combination on earth, PLUS, happy hour is from 4-8 pm on selected drinks for half of the price – get nicely oiled up after work and stay for the tasting starting at 8 pm sharp! Booking is essential so make sure to secure your place in advance and book a table with contact details at the bottom of this article.

Don’t miss Tequila Herradura & Taco Tasting This Thursday at Aces’n’Spades

Pull in for an evening of rambunctious fun at Aces’n’Spades – whether your tipple is a margarita, an old fashioned or a good old slammer, check out the tasting menu below with Tequila Herradura.


Round 1
? HERRADURA Tequila Collins
?Tuna taco with lime crema and pear/pineapple salsa

Round 2
?HERRADURA Margarita
?Pulled chicken tinga taco with chipotle and fire-roasted tomatoes

Round 3
?HERRADURA Tequila Old Fashioned
?Beef mole with chilli crema and grapefruit salsa

RESERVATIONSFor more information join the event page on Facebook right here.

Make a booking to reserve your spot, and don’t be a party pooper and not rock up. The team from Aces know that people aren’t keen on the pre-paid vibe, so book your spot, rock up on Thursday and pay on your arrival.  DM the team at Aces, write on the event wall or email with your below details: Name | Email | Cell | Number Of Peeps

Don’t miss Tequila Herradura & Taco Tasting This Thursday at Aces’n’Spades


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  1. Whahhgt !Tacos and tequila , take me to mexico now …no wait this is my favourite place to be , this sound amazing defenitly count me in.

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