Don’t Know How To Go Down On A Girl? There’s An App For That

Don't Know How To Go Down On A Girl? There's An App For That


Sometimes how to get a girl off using nothing but your mouth is a little bit more difficult than it seems, but to the appreciation of many a gal out there, there’s now an app for that. The app is called Lickster and aims to coach the user around the process of cunnilingus. Hopefully this helps many a nervous bloke and ensures that women out there don’t have to deal with terrible head.

I mean, wow there literally is an app for just about everything and anything out there. Check out the commercial for Lickster in the video below:

So after watching that, you probably figured out that the Lickster app isn’t actually a real thing (I think the fact that you could share your scores on social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn would have given it away), but U don’t actually think that it would be the worst idea to build something like that for the app stores. Lots of guys out there need help – there are millions to be made people, let’s get developing!

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