Dont forget to get behind our Mooiness Adeline and Elvis

MyCityByNight are extremely lucky to have interviewed both Adeline and Elvis who are both still rocking it in Idols!
So with that said, lets keep them there and dont forget its Idols weekend and voting starts on Sunday and Monday!
Get behind our mooiness Adeline and mooiman Elvis!

The further she goes, the more chance we get of having her as our cover girl! Well, we have’t asked yet, but sure she will… Adeline? 😀
The further Elvis goes will help us hopefully help us to get him to serenade a fan! Well, again, we haven’t asked yet, but sure he will… Elvis? 😀

Dont forget to vote for Adeline and Elvis by the means below:

SMS the number of either Elvis (10) or Adeline (13) to 37400 – R1.50 per sms / Landline 0862277713 R2.02 per call Mobile 0839010213 R2.02 per call / MXIT add the Mnet bot to ur phone 20 moola per vote u can vote 100 times from each of number so in total 300 votes

REMINDER: Adeline SMS 13, and Elvis SMS 10 to 37400

This is just a note from her that she sent and asked all our Idols loving fans to put up for her, we even got some exclusive pics for you!

Hey My City By Night

I Miss you all so much in Cape Town but I will not see you for another week 🙂
I am so happy and privileged to say that I made it to the Top 9 with all your Help!!

Thank you all for the support and the time you spent in voting for me it really means so much to me you have no idea!!
I cant do this without the support of Cape Town and the Western Cape behind me, supporting me all the way!!

Hope you all still love the show and Please let those thumbs work by smsing I love singing and being a ambassador for the Cape.

All my love

Kaalvoet kind
Adeline 🙂

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    1. Awesome Mervyn! Thanks for the support and we are behind them too! Keep checking back for updates from them and us!

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