Don’t do Bath Salts (or you may punch your chick in the face while on a bowling date)

After all of those incidents of cannibalism and zombie transformation in the US, authorities have started questioning the dangers of the freely available bath salts. For those not in the know, these are chemical chains of drugs like MDMA that have been slightly altered, so that they can be sold legally as additions to bath time. They’re packaged as bath salts with huge labels on them telling you that they’re not safe for anything other than bathing with (ie- don’t eat them). Naturally, some crazy fucker decided to ingest the salts anyways and found out that they had some rather epic side effects.

The epidemic has even spread to the usually jolly U.S Navy with a couple of sailors being dismissed for becoming all crazy because of “the salts”. So now the Navy has hit back with a PSA (public service announcement) that starts off with a sailor shnaafing some lines of bath salts followed by him punching his chick (who he thinks is a zombie) in the face, while on a bowling date. Seriously.

Even though this ad is a little bit whack-a-doodle I think the message is right- Don’t Do Bath Salts. Nothing good ever happens when you’re on the salts.

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