Dont cheat or else this will happen to you:

Personally I am not the hugest fan of those who are unfaithful to their significant others and then keep things like that a secret- its a really spineless thing to do and its more than likely to bite you in the ass at some point. For this particular girl that time came when she was over having a little bit of sneaky sex with some dude who wasnt her boyfriend. Sure I have had a somewhat checkered past when it comes to playing nookie with the odd girl who was still in a relationship, but I did this with the knowledge that if busted I would have to accept the obligatory one punch from guy before I could even think of retaliating (rule no 42 in the guy code).

Over the weekend while strolling Kloof Street looking all retro cool and what not, I came across the following rather interesting scene.

Given that it was a bit windy the night before I figured that this might be one of those freak accidents like you getting struck by lighting or Julius Malema being allowed to pass matric. On closer inspection I noticed that this particular signboard advertising one or another available property was very tightly wedged in a rather small gap (haha sexual reference) and was obviously the work of someone who was slightly angry & out for a bit of revenge.

Knowing that car-guards are like the real world Google- I asked the dude standing near the car whether he knew what had happened. Apparently some rather raged dude pulled up with a property signboard and proceeded to throw it through the back window of said car, after which he happily hopped right back into the his whip & sped off. The peeps who the car belonged to had not yet come out to check the damage and I’m sure would have been somewhat delighted to see what they had been given for Christmas.

Hey at least he didnt stiek your tires as well…

Moral of the story? Dont cheat…


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  1. Are you sure it was because he or she cheated?
    Guys have been known to do silly little things when under the influence?

    1. It was early though! And apparently the guy was muttering some stuff about hookers and whores… I dont think a guy would just throw an entire signboard a car widow and then drive off EVEN IF he was on meth…

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