Is the South African youth dumber when the sun goes down?

stupid after dark

So Saffa by the name of Adam van Wyngaarden has put together an interesting little bit of “research” looking into whether the South African youth gets dumber when the sun the goes down.

Here in South Africa, getting a tertiary education is probably one of the most expensive things around, so you’d probably want to be assured that you’re actually learning something while there. This video shows that although night time probably didn’t have an effect on the intelligence levels of SA youth, it definitely had a lot to do with the amount of booze consumed by these students.

Regardless, it’s entertaining viewing seeing drunkards struggle with some fairly basic general knowledge questions including – Who is the current president of SA – to which someone answered, Nelson Mandela.


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  1. oi vey! Hope this doesn’t get watched by the human resources department of most companies or guess we going into that stage of our economy where whites are fighting for jobs as cleaners

  2. I am so embarrassed for these people…I really hope the rest of the world doesn’t see this! I thought it was going to be bad…not flippin horrific!

  3. There has not been one reported case of a centipede having exactly 100 legs. It varies, but is always an even number, so thats kinda a dick question to ask 😛

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