Do you remember where you lost it?


Why is it whenever you tell somebody that you’ve lost something, the first question that they immediately ask you is- Do you remember where the last place you had it with you was?- I mean surely if I knew where that was then the said item wouldnt be classified as lost would it??!

In my mind its like pregnancy- either you’re pregnant or you’re not… either something’s lost or it isnt.

There are- as many things in life, different ways to approach finding the lost. Some may want to take the advice of the masses out there and think about the point at which you last remember having your keys.

Others may want to take my advice and think a little bit differently… Why not search for what you think that you’ve lost in the place where something of that nature is most likely to be. For example- check for those keys on the window sill next to the door. More often than not you’ll find what you’re looking for when you do eventually decide to go look there.

People like keys can also find themselves feeling lost in aspects of their lives from time to time (how’s that for a conflict of ideas), whether in work, relationships or life in general. Im just saying…


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  1. My favourite for when something gets lost, is some bright spark saying "It must be some where!" No shit!

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